Back to School 2022


How is it already time for back to school?!?

I am so excited to announce for the first time ever! A back to school portrait mini session event in my cozy home studio.

It looks different than anything I have done before because you get the session fee for FREE with a donation of 3 school supply items that will be delivered after the event to our community schools.

Did you know that teachers spend approximately 40% of their earned money to purchase additional supplies for the classroom & help children whose families maybe couln’t afford school supplies?

I know while my children were in school, they had a lot of assistance from those very teachers especially when we were struggling. I am beyond grateful.  Now it is time to give back so let’s do what we can together and get you some gorgous photos of your little schoolers at the same time!


~ While there is no session fee, a non-refundable booking deposit of $25 is required to secure your spot on session day. This will become a credit to get an additonal digital image or use as a print credit.

~ Once you book your session & deposit is recieved you will then get an email confirming your session time.

~ Prior to session day, you will get a few tips on making the most of your mini portrait session with me. 

~ On session day, you simply bring child all ready to go just like on picture day (only you get to be there so way better) along with 3 school supply items to go into the donation box.

~ After your session you will choose your included images and order from our exclusive school portrait menu if you wish.