How to Prepare

Now that we have covered what to wear, here are some other ways you can prepare

  • Avoid foods the day before that make you feel bloated (fast food, foods high in salt, fat or sugar) Trust me, being bloated is not going to make you feel pretty during your shoot.
  • Speaking of food, keep it light the morning of as well. Feel free to bring a non-mess snack like cheerios, raisins, mini marshmallows or even some white cheese (in case it gets stuck in teeth) or a promise of a bigger treat afterwards. I am not above bribery, I raised four kids of my own, I get it!
  • Make sure everything is ready the night before so you are not scrounching in the morning. You dont want to be flustered n frazzled before your shoot. That energy will show in your portraits and you won’t love them.
  • Speaking of flustered n frazzled! I know it can be sometimes difficult for some Dads to get in the spirit of having photos done. It helps to have a chat to explain the improtace of everyone enjoying the experience because when you look back at them, you will remember how you felt that day. Let him know that it will be a fast session and even faster if the kids are happy. Explain how you NEED his help to create this happy experience together… Men love to feel needed. If all that fails, again…I am not above bribery, you will know what to use.
  • Do not cut or color your hair or change your style right before your shoot. This should be done a couple weeks prior.
  • Try on your outfit a few days prior to your shoot. You want to make sure that you still feel great in it. If you don’t, this gives you time to change it up.
  • Have a chat with your kids about the session. It’s best not to surprise them then expect smooth results. If they know it is coming they can prepare themselves (even childres as young as two years need some warning) You can show them my picture & let them know they will be seeing your silly friend who will be taking their pictures, but not to worry, it will fun & fast!
  • On session day, it is very important to¬† not instruct your child or engage in conversation with them while I have their attention and photographing them. It is very important to let me do my job so I can create the best images for you.