CAP General Price List


About three weeks after your session, it will be time to come in for your reveal & ordering appointment. My studio carries some of the best products on the market, printed from the finest labs around the world. I believe full-heartedly that if you are hiring a professional photographer to capture and preserve your most precious moments, you deserve professional products that will last. Digital files are NOT archival.  You will get the matching digital printable negatives and social media files with any art investment. My desire is to provide you with art and physical representations of your family that will last for future generations. 

A La Carte Albums

LARGE……$3000 with all digital files
MEDIUM…$2000 with 20 digital files
SMALL…..$1200 with 12 digital files

A La Carte Image Box

A La Carte Digital Negatives Only

(5) $1200
(12) $2500
(20) $4000
All Digital (25-40) $5000

*A La Carte Digitals are for individual sessions only.

To see full product prices, please contact the studio for an in-person consultation.

Contact me at 778-349-6837

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