Congratulations on such a beautiful blessing. I hope your journey to motherhood (or Nanahood) has been well so far. I have 4 of my own and know just what you are going through.

Having a baby is one of the most life changing experiences whether it is your first or fourth. Perhaps you are here because it is your first child…whatever brought you here, this will be a time when there will be many tears, much laughter and deepest joys, overall very big emotions so you will quickly forget what it was like to be pregnant with the healthy hair and nails, radiant pregnancy glow and beautiful baby bump with all those little movements and kicks.

I have everything we need to glam you up from professional hair and makeup, even your nails! My style is less is more. I is timeless to me. I love using draping fabrics or fancy gowns to show off that beautiful baby bump and connection between family members (I have a variety of fabrics, gowns and crowns) or we can take it all off for some fine art nude portraits…The choice is yours.

The best time to “foreverize” this fleeting moment is between 32 to 36 weeks so be sure to book your session a few months in advance.