So you are preparing to welcome you new little one into the world.

CONGRATULATIONS!! I have 4 babies who are all grown up now, graduated, starting families of their own…(so that means I’m also a Nana!) but more importantly, I truly understand how fleeting these moments are going to be.

Newborn portraits are best captured in the first 2 weeks of life to “foreverize” those itty bitty womb like poses. So be sure to book your session well in advance so we can prepare for the best results. Sessions last from 30 minutes (Timeless White Gem Session – white set only) to 3 hours (Full Portrait Session – up to 4 custom sets)

The first moments of delivering your baby are on its way with your sweet little one joining your family. While you are soaking up all those first little moments….the cries, coo’s, new baby smell, the snuggles (oooh the snuggles), their tiny fingers, toes and nose, every detail you are going to want to hold onto is going to fly by in a second and they will be having their own babies before you even know it. I can “foreverize” those fleeting moments for you to cherish for all time through art that is designed custom for your home style and decor.

This time can be scary with so many decisions to make, getting newborn portraits should be easy and fun. You should trust the artist you are hiring is a professional. For some poses that you see online are composites of 2 images where baby is supported then digitally combined in post processing. Proper safety measures must be taken. With a lifetime of experience caring for babies, children, raising my own children and over a decade of experience photographing newborns, children and their families, I am very comfortable handling your newborn. Safety is of the utmost importance to me during your session. I am licensed and insured as a professional photographer.

“Crystal you are a baby whisperer! Can we take you home? Teach us your ways!”


I invite you to join me in my cozy studio filled with a plethora of props, wraps, headbands, baskets, buckets, florals, gowns for mom… everything we need to create gorgeous portraits of your newborn with your family for your home. Your family’s legacy.

We start by thinking about the end result. How do you want to see portraits 5 or 10 years down the road?
Beginning with the end in mind allows us to shoot specifically for that result which will get you back to loving that baby in the comforts of home quickly. We can set up a consultation for in the studio or on the phone to start your Newborn Portrait Experience. Whichever you prefer!

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