Newborn Gallery

These precious sessions are best done when your baby is within 7-10 days to preserve those fleeting moments before your child is no longer a newborn. After this time, it is more likely that your baby will not be able to do many of those squishy, womb like poses that you love so much and want to capture.  I understand that this is not always possible and have successfully photographed babies up to 4 weeks of age. Safety is my number one priority and babies are all very different in what they can do so I will only do what your baby is able to do. Example : Froggy pose РNot all babies are able to do this. Baby is ALWAYS supported and multiple images are captured and then combined in post processing using innovative technology. I have photographed many newborns over the last 10 years and am very comfortable working with them.

“Crystal was so careful and detailed the way she gently posed our baby. It was truly amazing to see her perform her magic and then create beautiful imagery for our home that just fit perfectly.” – Kaitlyn

“Crystal’s passion is amazing and it shows with every image she creates.” –¬†Melanie

“Crystal did an amazing job with my granddaughter. She was very gentle and caring with her.” – Lisa

“I call Crystal the baby whisperer. She just has a special way of handling babies and they respond to her.” – Christina